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Microchip Applications For 2021 And Beyond

Microchip devices have been in use for decades now in computers, cellular phones and other electronics. In the last decade, microchip manufacturing has become more and more important in the advancement of mobile technology as well as new uses such as autonomous driving, artificial intelligence and smart appliances.

One of the more interesting applications that seems to be coming onto the technology scene is that of virtual reality head mounted displays (HMD). “Head mounted displays will be the main driver of semiconductor growth in consumer electronics. In addition, wearables and smart watches will be new point of growth.”

The emergence of Tesla and an increased interest in high-end SUVs and trucks with advanced computing systems, have brought the auto industry to the forefront of microchip use. Self-driving cars are a real possibility in the next few years for mass automobile production.

The future of integrated circuits and microchip uses are ever expanding, and now is an exciting time in the semiconductor industry. Please visit our free job listings and upload your resume today. Follow us at @HireSemiconduct on Twitter and SemiconductHire on Instagram for updates.

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