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Samsung Contemplating Investments Into US Chip Manufacturing Plants

The South Korean electronics manufacturing giant is putting serious thought into two main American microchip manufacturing plants. In a move to steer away from relying so heavily on Taiwan and China for their manufacturing needs, Samsung has eyed two locations for new plants: Austin, Texas and Phoenix, Arizona.

“Samsung is trying to compete with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), which is also based in the U.S. and is the leader in the chip-making industry here. TSMC is looking to have a $12 billion plant up and running in Arizona by 2024,” according to Bloomberg.

There’s also a big push to bring a substantial chip-making plant to Austin, Texas in the near future. This could be a mutually beneficial development for both Samsung and the U.S. semiconductor sector as a whole. Samsung aims to build upon the already impressive Austin semiconductor fab that already exists, and hopes to make progress in U.S. markets in the coming years.

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