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Germany Joins Group of Nations Turning to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co for Increased Chip Production

The global increase in semiconductor chip production in the automobile sector has been a topic of important discussion over the last few months. As we reported last week, many countries are looking to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co to fill their microchip production needs in 2021 and beyond.

Not only has increased need for chip production when it comes to auto manufacturing, but a byproduct of COVID-19 has been a massive increase in the need for chip production for home offices, mainly the need for increased laptop production in the last year or so.

This combination of a shortage of high-end SUV and truck production, along with a massive increase in demand for at-home and portable computing for working professionals has caused some concern in short term about the outlook for chip production matching demand in 2021.

It seems as though Germany, coupled with many other nations, will need to rely on increased chip production to meet this increase in global microchip demand, at least in the short term.

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