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Winter Storm Halts Microchip Production

Frigid weather patterns in Texas, combined with a statewide electricity shortage have caused problems for Austin-area production plants. Austin Energy, a publicly owned utility company, has ordered the power off of several area semiconductor manufacturing companies. This includes Samsung Electronics, NXP Semiconductor, and Infineon.

To add to the complication this brings, it could exacerbate the already compromised automobile semiconductor chip shortage. Samsung gradually reduced its manufacturing and eventually shut it down on Tuesday, February 16th at around 1 pm.

“During a news briefing Tuesday, Austin Energy General Manager Jackie Sargent said the utility initially asked industrial users to conserve energy. When it became apparent that the situation was more dire, the utility “curtailed” users with backup generators, Sargent said. Finally, all were ordered to shut down completely.” the Austin American Statesman reports.

As temperatures slowly begin to climb back above freezing, the state of Texas hopes to restore power to residents and businesses by the end of the week.

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