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China’s SMIC To Build $2.35 Billion Factory In Shenzhen

Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corporation, China’s largest semiconductor production company, will be building a new $2.35 billion dollar factory in Shenzhen. A joint operation between SMIC and the government of China, this planned project is aimed at making China more independent when it comes to chip manufacturing.

Ramping up production and having the ability to compete with larger and more productive global companies, such as Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), seems to be a large factor into making this financially significant investment a reality.

With the United States eying a larger global stake in semiconductor chip manufacturing, and putting more of an emphasis on industry job creation, China seems to be wanting to fast track their own involvement within the industry.

TSMC recently announced plans for a state of the art facility in Arizona, the global semiconductor market seems to be taking off when it comes to new production.

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